Starting out

Unsurprisingly, the library is centered around the server. So your first step is to create a server object.

from LMSTools import LMSServer

# Define your server address

# create the server object
server = LMSServer(SERVER_IP)

Discovering servers

If you don’t know the address of your server you can use the LMSDiscovery class to find servers.

from LMSTools import LMSServer, LMSDiscovery

# Find servers
servers = LMSDiscovery().all()

if servers:

    # Get the details of the server
    SERVER_IP = servers[0]["host"]
    SERVER_PORT = servers[0]["port"]

    # create the server object
    server = LMSServer(SERVER_IP)

What now?

At this point, you can test if your connection works by running the Ping method.


Pretty unexciting though, isn’t it?

That’s because you know it’s not the server that really matters, it’s the players. So let’s see how they work in the next section: Controlling/querying your squeezeplayer.