There is limited documentation for this class as it is expected that the functionality will be added to the LMSPlayer class.

class LMSTools.artworkresolver.LMSArtworkResolver(host='localhost', port=9000)

Class object to help provide an easy way of obtaining a URL to a playlist item.

The class is capable of working out the appropriate path depending on whether the file is remote or local.

  • host (str) – address of the server
  • port (int) – webport of the server (default 9000)
getURL(track, size=(500, 500))

Method for generating link to artwork for the selected track.

  • track (dict) – a dict object which must contain the “remote”, “coverid” and “coverart” tags as returned by the server.
  • size (tuple) – optional parameter which can be used when creating links for local images. Default (500, 500).